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To deliver specialized services, professional medical support and innovative healthcare to developing countries lacking in emergency and outpatient care.


In developing parts of the world, medical professionals are limited, and humanitarian aid is desperately needed. Attracting health-driven businesses to serve needy populations is a challenge. Equipping those locations with the basic medical facilities that are essential for the betterment of a society requires interest, funding, training and support. With the right structure, facilities and coordination, underserved populations can receive the medical care they so desperately need.


MedAlliesWorld MedEvac PolyClinic Fund was designed to activate the participation of volunteer physicians, surgeons, fellowship residents and nurses in carrying out much needed humanitarian healthcare projects in developing countries. Through our strategic work with Med-Allied partners in coordinating on-the-ground efforts to provide outpatient consulting rooms and fully-equipped operating rooms for our visiting physicians and nurses, we can enable rapid consultations, diagnosis and operations for local patients.

Our work also allows for self-pay patients to access international medical evacuation to our Med-Allied partner clinics, polyclinics and hospitals.

By recruiting Med-Allied Physicians and surgeons and training local healthcare professionals, we can strengthen the medical service and long-term well-being of communities in Africa and other developing regions around the world.


MedEvac Polyclinic Funding campaigns are supported in part by corporate sponsorship from: MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M Media / Ebook & Expo, G.H.M Magazine and G.H.M Depot.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M (Global Healthcare Market) provides business-oriented tools that drive health-industry solutions to vital non-profit initiatives in the USA and to healthcare and wellness problems in developing countries worldwide.


MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation and MedEvac Polyclinic Fund do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, religion or country of origin.


MedAlliesWorld® PolyclinicFund is the main inspiration for the MedAlliesWorld® Global Healthcare Market (G.H.M.) and the Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.). Its non-profit projects implement business-oriented tools that drive health-industry solutions to non-profit healthcare initiatives, and to children & youth development programs in the USA, Africa and in developing communities worldwide.

MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation Inc is the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the polyclinic funding programs that promote collaborative partnerships with local healthcare and wellness professionals, community / regional business operators and global market partners.

D.E.P.I. implements public benefit-targeted initiatives and fundraising campaigns. These community-driven activities support medical education and research, career training and entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, capital funding for healthcare practice and practice management.

Nonprofit Marketers & MedEvac Polyclinic Funding Group

Nile O.

Project Management Liaison

MBA in Entrepreneurship & Project Management - Florida International University - B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing - University of South Florida - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)

Quinne R.

Community Sponsorship Liaison

B.S. in Environmental Sciences - University of Central Florida - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)

David C.

Network Development Liaison

B.A. in Communications – George Mason University - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)

Christine B.

Strategic Partnership Liaison

B.A. in Communications – University of Virginia - Wise - 10 years in retail management / marketing & coaching

Cedric R.

Nonprofit Marketing Liaison

B.S. Business Administration – University of Virginia - Wise - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)

Renée J.

Nonprofit Executive Boards & Lifeline Funding Liaison

B.S. Psychology - George Washington University – Assistant Vice President at major hospital Conglomerate - 30 years as healthcare management executive / patient relations and financial services


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